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These moments are fleeting, and we can’t always count on our own mind to hold onto them.
Let’s get real for a minute…

I watched my grandmother lose her memories piece by piece. Alzheimers took who she was, and it took who we were to her. And that’s been a fear of mine ever since. But even in the later stages, she could sometimes be pulled back to us through photos. She’d remember every person in the picture and tell me every detail of the day.

50 years from now I’m going to see this photo of Tyler down on one knee with a ring in his hand. Hopefully, I’ll look at it and remember exactly how I felt in that moment. The out of body. The love. The fucking finally. But there is a chance I’ll look at this photo one day and it will be unfamiliar.

But I know that even if I forget that moment, it won’t be forgotten. And knowing that means more to me than words will ever be able to express.

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