Justina and Adrian’s Candid Wedding – Grand View Estate | Jaffrey, NH |

New Hampshire’s hottest club is The Grand View Estate. 

This wedding has everything: An overzealous flower girl, breastfeeding bridesmaids, and a tiny groomsman rewarded with chocolate for his good behavior. 


Maybe it was the fresh mountain air.

Maybe the anticipation had built up in the months between the original date and the pandemic-forced reschedule date.

Or maybe it was that bottle of wine Justina killed behind the bar.

Whatever it was, there was a true liveliness to this party. It would seem the bride and groom keep company similar to themselves, because I knew within five minutes of meeting Justina that her personality is as big as her hair is long.

When the camera was on her she was stunning. When the camera was on her and she didn’t know it she was hilarious.

There really is nothing better than photographing a wedding that has good candid subjects. And it takes a certain crowd to accomplish that. Everyone at Justina and Adrian’s wedding was impressively present in the moment. Whether that moment was hectic, celebratory, solemn, or simply a moment away from everyone else’s moments—they were present in them. Candid photography is only possible when people are interacting with the world around them.

chuckling at memes on your phone doesn’t count

It’s one of my favorite parts of photography but it can also be one of the most neglected. It’s easy to get lost in setting up the perfect picture and capturing all the perfect wedding details. The flowers, the venue, the rustic wedding decorations, the NH mountains that created the perfect backdrop for the scene. Jaffrey, New Hampshire could not be any more beautiful, and The Grand View Estate definitely lives up to its name. But still the characters I saw from behind the lens were the most glorious part of it all.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Packard!

Oh that reminds me— Adrian was there too.